Led by a visiting faculty that is comprised of practitioners from the field of architecture, curating and exhibition making as well as theorists and artists the participants will be able to develop or further deepen the following knowledge and skills:

– an understanding of the role that exhibitions have played in the history of the discipline of architecture and in particular the emergence of Modernism and respectively Postmodernism

– the relationship between developments in the field of exhibiting art as well as architecture

– an in-depth thematization of the issues and paradoxes surrounding architecture as an object of exhibitions

– insight into the different fields and contexts in which exhibition making can unfold (institutions, museums, commercial galleries, non for profit / off spaces, public space) through hands-on conversations with practitioners

– practical guidance in the conceptualization of exhibition, eg. different curatorial / organizational models

– insights into practical issues related to the production of exhibitions (eg. funding, loan agreements etc.)

– training in the writing of exhibition proposals/funding applications

The development of the individual works will be closely guided by the programme head, tutors, and the visiting faculty.

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